As I watch the healthcare debate lumber forward I'm amazed that the discussion of prevention services is buried. And there is virtually no mention of the role attitudes and expectations for well-being play in retaining health.  It seems that, as always, the fate of health in America will have more to do with individual action than anything the government could create. 

Research proved long ago that "good health" requires engaging the mind, body, and spirit in staying well.  It also shows that health can't be defined as the absence of disease or disability. There are many people with health challenges who manage to live well.  And there are many people without traditional health challenges who are very "unwell".  Regardless of significant advancements in prevention and wellness, the government is VERY slow to change and will continue to focus almost exclusively on disease management.

Fortunately, America is blessed with individual businesses who will play an increasingly larger role in making sure people receive the information they need to stay well.  Businesses need healthy workers and can move quickly to make sure they have wellness resources.  They know that treating workers as "whole" people increases productivity and builds loyalty.  Businesses also know that customers respond to companies who care about them as individuals.  I'm optimistic that through business partnerships and information sharing more people than ever will start looking at health as an asset that must be protected, nutured and supported by daily action.

The tipping point is here.