Ageism in the Media

There is a new commercial on TV for a hand lotion.  The first statement in the ad is, "Sure, I have senior moments"……then it assures us that using this lotion will keep our skin from looking old.  The underlying message is, "you can’t do anything about memory lapses, but thank goodness you can do something about your skin".  The term "senior moments" really reflects the negative expectations of aging, since suddenly at a certain age forgetfulness takes on a whole new meaning.  I can remind my 10 year old three times in 15 minutes to take his backpack, shoes and homework to school and he still forgets at least one item.  Should I have him evaluated for memory impairment?  When you’re tempted to blame forgetfulness on age, take a moment to stop and think about how memory lapses come and go for most of us (and always have) depending on how many balls we have in the air and how distracted we are by life events and our to-do lists.   Putting things into proper perspective can do a lot to relieve anxiety about the negative "what-ifs".

If you find yourself frustrated by forgetfulness then evaluate what is currently going on in your life.  Look for opportunities to relax.  Eliminate a few things off your list and add, "take time for meditaion and reflection.

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  1. WO2 says:

    This is good! Thank you for reminding us…

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