A New Chorus of Voices

Right now there is a contest at MORE magazine (for women over 40) that asks women to state why 40+ is the best time of their lives. I've really enjoyed reading the essays because they show that, while the overall cultural attitude towards aging hasn't changed much, individual people are realizing the power they have to stay healthy and active for their whole lifespan. It's great to see people embracing their ability to age well through healthy lifestyles and positive expectations. Every voice who rejects the negative myths of aging adds to the new "chorus" of adults who are proving that attitudes, expectations and actions drive outcomes – not just the passage of time.  


2 responses to “A New Chorus of Voices”

  1. Mujer says:

    I tried to enter the link you left us in the text but there is no way to go and see if you can review and say it fails!

  2. Kay Van Norman says:

    Thank you for pointing this out! I will go in and take out the link since the contest is finished. Kay

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