Public Speaking  

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“Kay is an engaging speaker who knows how to hold an audience’s attention- both with her own personal magnetism and compelling content.                                                                    She is one of my top recommendations for speakers.”

Lisa Titus-Grace, Executive Director  One Montana

 “Kay is a dynamic and engaging speaker.  Her vast knowledge base and experience shine through during her workshops.  It’s evident she has a passion for changing the negative perception of aging and she wants us all to get involved personally and professionally.  Kay has a way about her that makes you want to follow her example and spread the word that we are vital, growing and thriving people no matter our age!”

 Penny Cook, Executive Director Colorado Culture Change Coalition

Keynote Speaker price range: $4500.00- $8000.00

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National & International Presentations



2nd Institute of Physical Education International Conference

Bangkok, Thailand, 2012

Ms. Van Norman was honored to be chosen as a keynote speaker for this international conference on the subject of Removing Barriers to Older Adult Physical Activity. She also spoke at Krabi University in the Krabi Province of Southern Thailand.   


Recent Presentations

 “…powerful speaker, very inspirational”

 Masterpiece Living Lyceum Power of Possibilities; Atlanta, GA- Feb. 2013

Institute for Physical Education International Conference- Bangkok, Thailand–  Keynote Address: Hidden Barriers to Older Adult Physical Activity; August 2012

The International Council on Active Aging Conference: The Audacity of Potential, New Orleans, LA- Dec.2012; Purpose Centered Senior Living; New Orleans, LA Dec. 2012

 Speaking Topics

Kay’s seminars are designed to be entertaining as well as content rich. Delivered with a combination of humor, real life stories, and breakthrough research, each session inspires the audience to embrace not just the possibility of aging well, but the probability of aging well – regardless of challenges.

Consulting Seminar  Topics

  Creating Your Personal Vitality Portfolio™

The Vitality Portfolio™ approach to optimal aging uses the familiar structure of a financial portfolio – making regular deposits, balancing your assets, and taking time for yearly reviews and adjustment to forge a plan for lifelong vitality. Learn what wellness “deposits” you must make in each dimension of wellness to give yourself the best possible chance to age well, and gain practical tools and guidance to create your own personal Vitality Portfolio™.

  Running with Scissors

A humorous but thought provoking look at why we often have great intentions for improving health, yet have a noticeable gap between intentions and actions. This session explores how media images, social programs, cultural myths, and personal experiences weave a subconscious aging story that impacts health beliefs, behaviors and outcomes. It also describes the top 3 things you absolutely must do to age with vitality and purpose for your full lifespan.

The Encore Approach: Creating a Culture of Well-being in the Face of Challenges

When someone experiences a health crisis we want connection, independence and quality of life yet so often end up with fear, sadness, and diminished hope. This seminar describes how to keep the demands of managing illness or functional deficits from becoming the dominant culture of care (in congregate living or a single-family home), and offers practical strategies and tools to create instead – a culture of well-being. Kay will offer a clear roadmap and simple tools to use today, tomorrow and next week to create connection, hope and joy in spite of challenges.

Aging – It’s a Family Affair

This thought provoking seminar explores aging as a multi-generational, not a solitary, pursuit. We learn about aging through our parent’s experience, and in turn our children learn about aging through our experiences. It starts with some simple tools to reveal what kinds of “aging stories” are playing in your own mind, and the minds of those around you. How are they the same? How are they different? Then it offers practical Brilliant Aging tools and strategies to help build a culture of well-being; one that sustains a positive quality of life through health challenges and life transitions.

Great or not Expectations

Do you expect to be stronger and more agile 5 years from now than you are today? In the past 24 hours have you blamed age for physical or mental decline (i.e. I had a senior moment)? This fun interactive session starts with an ageism questionnaire to discover what you’re habitually thinking and saying about aging. Is it in line with what you hope will happen as you age; or have negative expectations hijacked your subconscious “aging story”? Do your best intentions for a healthy lifestyle fizzle out on the follow through? Learn a simple step by step plan to reframe beliefs and expectations about aging, and take action to live with vitality and purpose for your whole lifespan.

Physical Activity and Independence

There are so many positive benefits to regular physical activity that – if it was a pill – would be the most widely prescribed medication on the planet! But, “why should I exercise, at my age”, is probably the most often used response to well-meaning exercise prompts. This session will help bridge the knowing-doing gap by framing the benefits of physical activity around things that are personally relevant on a daily basis. This session is a great combination of research, and practical demonstrations and tools to trigger changes in physical activity attitudes and behaviors.

Other Topics: Building Resilience, Removing Hidden Barriers to Healthy Aging, Strength & Power Training- Yes, You!, Five Tips for Brilliant Aging


Senior Living – Sample Titles

“entertaining, informative…the best session I have attended by far”

Healthcare Reform and Senior Living: How to leverage your investments in wellness to drive business growth in the new Accountable Care environment.

Creating Purpose-Centered Senior Living Communities: How to create senior living communities as “Centers for Elderhood”, where residents take up a cause or causes and become active agents of change in the broader community (no more stuffing envelopes!). A paradigm shift with endless possibilities.

Beyond Whole Person Wellness – Creating Integrative Cultures: Creating a genuine sense of community and connection where all levels of function are embraced as part of an integrative culture. If you struggle with IL residents shunning those with functional limitations, this is the seminar for you.

Project Activate™: A Community-wide Resilience Initiative: An inside look at a comprehensive 6-month initiative designed to activate an ageless attitude, inspire daily physical activity, and trigger resilience.

 Perceptions of Senior Living – Now and in the Future: Why do so many people lump senior living into one category – nursing homes? What will it take to change perceptions now, and what factors and influences are driving future senior living options?


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1994-present: List of Other National and International Presentations

2004 -2012 International Council on Active Aging

2004 Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals, Ontario, Canada

2004 World Congress on Aging & Physical Activity

2003 Healthy Living for Montana Seniors Conference

2001-2008 National Council on Aging/American Society on Aging

2001 Norwegian Cruise Lines, Wellness Cruise

2000 Assisted Living Federation of America

1999 International Health, Racquet and Sports Association (IHRSA), Vancouver, B.C. Canada

1999 Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals (Can-Fit-Pro), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1999 5th World Congress on Physical Activity, Aging, & Sports

1998,1999 American Society on Aging (ASA)

1997,1998 Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)

1997 National Wellness Association

1997 Strength & Conditioning International Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada

1996 American Association of Homes & Services for the Aging

1996 Personalized Health Management

1995 White House Conference on Aging

1994-98, 2002 American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (AAHPERD)

1995,1997 International Conference on Physical Activity and Aging

1994 International Conference on Prevention