Dynamic Speaker

 Kay is a dynamic and engaging speaker.  Her vast knowledge base and experience shine through during her workshops.  It’s evident she has a passion for changing the negative perception of aging and she wants us all to get involved personally and professionally.  Kay has a way about her that makes you want to follow her example and spread the word that we are vital, growing and thriving people no matter our age!

 Penny Cook, Executive Director Colorado Culture Change Coalition

participant comments

“entertaining, informative…the best session I have attended by far”

“…powerful speaker, very inspirational”

” I am so busy with work and family I forgot how important my personal health is-not only to me but to my family…thanks”


 Kay has a broad range of experience in senior wellness, from daily programming, to acting as a thought leader for international organizations promoting healthy aging. This has given her a unique perspective on aging issues, and a gift for synthesizing complex research into practical what-can-I-do-tomorrow strategies and tools. Participants will walk away from Kay’s seminars realizing that – regardless of challenges – age has less to do with who a person is and what they’re capable of than almost any other single factor; and that lifestyle choices profoundly impact aging outcomes.


“It was a privilege and honor to have Kay Van Norman, MS present the closing keynote at our 3rd annual Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program conference! Kay is a passionate and dynamic eldercare speaker who has an amazing ability to captivate and engage her audience. Her presentation “Young at Heart” was not only noted a conference favorite but also received a standing ovation by her audience. We WILL be asking her back!

Natalie Boucher, MSN, RN, CMSRN 

Program Director, St Vincent Healthcare Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program

Healthy Aging Means Business!

As a healthy aging expert with over 25 years of experience, Kay has the knowledge, insight and professional networks to help your company grow business in the older adult market segment. She will help you build strategic alliances, connect with senior consumers in a meaningful way, and become a highly visible healthy aging advocate in your community. Kay can also help you with product development, help position your product in the Boomer marketplace, and leverage your investments with ageless marketing strategies. She can develop or re-invigorate employee wellness initiatives and programs to further promote business growth. Contact Kay for a free 20 minute consult. Book Kay for a keynote.

Community/ Public Health

Frankly, most of us know what we should do to stay healthy but we just don’t do it! Successful community initiatives must bridge the knowing-doing gap, and that is exactly what Kay’s innovative Project Activate™ – Mobilizing Communities does. A unique blend of research knowledge and practical experience, Project Activate™uses the stages of change model and award winning resources to mobilize a collective effort between individuals, businesses, and community organizations to embrace positive aging and physical activity. Let Kay help your community get moving, and leverage new healthy aging funding support resulting from health care reform. Contact Kay for a free 20 minute consult. Book Kay for a Keynote.

Senior Living – Business Growth/ Innovation

As a healthy aging expert with over 25 years of experience Kay has the knowledge, insight and professional networks to help you grow senior living sales and leverage the investments you’ve already made in wellness, and in the social model of care and programming. Kay understands the opportunity cost associated with important initiatives that often languish on over- full plates of C-Suite senior living executives. She provides short term, high impact Virtual Vice President Services to champion business development opportunities and maximize ROI. Accountable Care strategic solutions, selling against home, ageless marketing strategies , delivering on brand promises, changing perceptions of senior living- create a “Wish List” and then contact Kay for a free 20 minute consultation. Book Kay for a keynote.

Ask Kay about Project Activate, a 6- month initiative specifically designed to help senior living communities leverage investments in wellness programs and staff by activating, inspiring and empowering residents to overcome ageist beliefs, bridge the gap between intentions and actions and take more personal responsibility for their own healthy aging.

Consumer- Information and Support

Kay began her career creating practical and  fun exercise and wellness programs for older adults. And she learned something really important from her students and mentors; most barriers to healthy aging come from the inside out. Negative stereotypes of aging, myths and misconceptions, and even attitudes of others determine personal beliefs and expectations of aging. And, these beliefs impact health behaviors and outcomes. Combine the right activities with the right mindset, and finally, you can move from intentions into action. Check out the products link on this page and then contact Kay about healthy aging and resilience coaching. Book Kay for a keynote.


Contact Kay by using the convenient “Contact Kay” tab on the right hand side of page or call  at  (406) 587-0786 or use kayvn@kayvannorman.com to discuss the many opportunities to reach senior consumers, recruit and retain quality staff, and enhance your connection with both current and potential clients.