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Educational Seminars   (Best Practices Award from the National Council on Aging)

Downloadable PDF’s providing everything necessary to give a 30-minute interactive seminar on important health topics. You don’t need a background in the subject area  because each seminar includes; a PowerPoint slide show, a promotional flyer, activity handouts, and a topic summary to send with the participants. Print and post the flyer, duplicate the handouts and summary, review the PowerPoint slideshow and give the presentation. It is as easy as that! If participants have questions, you can email Brilliant Aging for answers.

Available Seminars:

Strength and Power Training-(One 30 minute seminar)                        $  9.95

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Living Well with Diabetes – (Two 30 minute seminars)                         $15.95
[wp_cart:Living Well with Diabetes:price:15.95:var1[PDF ]:end]

Living Well with Osteoporosis – (Two 30 minute seminars)                  $15.95
[wp_cart:Living Well with Osteoporosis:price:15.95:var1[PDF]:end] 

Stress Management – (Two 30 minute seminars)                                   $15.95
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Fall Prevention- (Two 30 minute seminars) plus  a Fall Risk Screening Tool                                          $19.95 (includes all resources)   [wp_cart:Fall Prevention:price:19.95:var1[PDF]:end]  

Understanding Whole Person Wellness– ( One 30 minute seminar)plus                                    Whole Person Wellness-Training Manual, plus Bulletin Board Materials-ready to post                             $19.95 (includes all resources) [wp_cart:Understanding whole Person Wellness:price:19.95:var1[PDF|]:end]

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Wellness Stations (won a Best Practices award from the National Council on Aging)

These innovative stations provide a self-directed wellness program that individuals can use at self-selected times and at their self-selected level of involvement. This unique approach constantly reinforces the concept of self responsibility for health, and encourages and empowers individuals to take regular action to improve well-being. Each professionally printed 18X24” station features an activity to improve physical function, blended with original artwork and positive affirmations promoting self-efficacy, self-responsibility and a positive approach to life’s challenges. They are carefully designed to appeal to residents at varying stages of motivation (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation) and Kay provides tips and tools to both draw individuals to the stations and get feedback on how often the stations are being used.


[wp_cart:One Step at a Time:price:15.95:shipping:4.95:end]
Rise to the Occasion
[wp_cart:Rise to the Occasion:price:15.95:shipping:4.95:end]
Stop and Smell the Roses
[wp_cart:Stop and Smell the Roses:price:15.95:shipping:4.95:end]
Count Your Blessings
[wp_cart:Count Your Blessings:price:15.95:shipping:4.95:end]

***New Low Price***

$15.95 each or $55.00 for set of 4.

To purchase all 4:

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or Order by email or phone: 406-587-0786

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Culture Change Initiative: Project ActivateTM (ideas into action)

* Activate * Inspire * Empower

A six month initiative driven by a tool-kit of high impact resources that help you activate an ageless attitude, inspire daily physical activity and trigger resilience. Created by Healthy Aging Expert Kay Van Norman, President of Brilliant Aging, these award winning resources will help reveal and overcome ageist beliefs, bridge the gap between intentions and actions, and support the essential building blocks of resilience. And they are all designed to resolve one of the biggest problems for lifestyle coordinators- fully packed schedules. Project ActivateTM minimizes required staff time, and maximizes on-going resident-driven opportunities. Finally, Kay supports you through the entire initiative with 1-hour group tele-coaching, and 10 minute individual laser sessions to answer specific questions and problem solve.

$1595.00 for a 6-month initiative –  Contact Kay for a free 20 minute consult