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Kay Van Norman began her career creating practical and fun exercise and wellness programs for older adults. She quickly learned something from her students and mentors; most barriers to healthy aging come from the inside out. Negative stereotypes of aging, myths and misconceptions, and even attitudes of others determine personal beliefs and expectations of aging. And, these beliefs and expectations drive health choices, behaviors, and outcomes.  She’s written nationally and internationally – Ageism as a Barrier to Physical Activity for the Journal on Active Aging, an issue brief on ageism for the NCOA Center for Healthy Aging ; Chapter 4: “The Media’s Portrayal of Ageing” by Colin Milner, Kay Van Norman, and Jenifer Milner.    

What’s your aging story? Take Kay’s Ageism Questionnaire:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0A1pgE2X8o

What are you, personally, thinking, saying and doing about aging? Is it leading you toward or away from lifelong vitality? For most people it isn’t the big decisions and events that create long-term outcomes; it’s the small actions you do (or don’t do) on a regular basis, compounded over time, that shape your future. If you want to bridge the gap between intentions and actions, then you came to the right place!  

Activate an  Ageless Attitude

Kay’s mission is to change the way people view and experience aging through writing, speaking, and mobilizing individuals and communities into action toward healthy aging. She’s written locally; Woman in Motion – Conquering the Aging Myth, and Aging Brilliantly She’s written a chapter for the World Economic Forum’s book Global Aging Peril or Promise?; and her book Exercise and Wellness for Older Adults:Practical Programming Strategies (2nd Edition, 2010) by Kay Van Norman, that in 2011 was translated into Chinese, to name a few.

Motivating Resources

Kay’s also developed 2 exercise DVD’s; a 1-hourLow-Impact Aerobics for Seniors class, and a 30- minute Chair Exercise class improving strength and function for individuals with functional limitations.  Exercise Programs

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive resources to help you lead a program for older adults or want a program to follow yourself – you’ve found it! And if you want to be a community activator Project Activate™ is designed to mobilize communities around healthy aging. Check out the Community/Public Health link.

Finally, Kay is actively working to transform senior living options into centers of Elderhood in their communities. Picture senior living residents taking on childhood obesity and growing organic vegetables for school children’s lunches, creating walking paths on the senior living campus, and becoming walking buddies for children struggling with weight. Consider how elders could help children in foster care, provide leadership in environmental issues, or support a community cause you’re passionate about. The options are endless when you take age out of the equation and view functional limitations through a “disability movement” paradigm – challenges require adaptive strategies, not surrender! …Creating Purpose Driven Communities by Kay Van Norman

With the right mindset and consistent action you can age with vitality through your full lifespan, and you might even be able to help your loved-ones and community do the same! Check out the Brilliant Aging Blog and let us know what you’re thinking. Then check back frequently for downloadable resources to help you embrace a healthy aging mindset and lifestyle. 

For inspiration and fun watch these video clips.

Worlds Oldest Flash Mob   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FIMd5KFG1vQ&goback=%

Dream Rangers   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vksdBSVAM6g


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