Brilliant Aging® Content License Description and Demo

DESCRIPTION:  Brilliant Aging® video blogs lead to video podcasts, which lead to an invitation to input contact information for a 30-minute video webinar. Watch sample videos below. The Vitality in Action (blue prompts below) demonstrate how the content would appear on your website.                 

Series One Online Content includes: SIX Vitality Spotlights® (1-3 min video blogs); THREE video podcasts (6-10 minutes each); and ONE video webinar.  

  • Sample Video Blog
    • Walking with Confidence
  • Sample Video Podcast
    • Wellness Wheel – Are you Missing a Spoke?

Follow the Vitality in Action (blue prompt) for a demonstration of the user experience and see how the content would actually appear on your website. The series of prompts can “pull” visitors through different pages of your website or stay on one page as it does in this demo. 

           *Please note* the Prompture platform offers your web visitors a unique experience each time they engage with Brilliant Aging content on your website.This demo only contains 2 blogs and 1 podcast so after you’ve seen these videos you won’t see the prompts again unless you appear to be a new visitor. The full license provides 6 different online learning experiences.  The PDF below describes all license content. 

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Download a PDF of the complete  Brilliant Aging® Content License DescriptionSubject Series One: Creating Your Personal Vitality Portfolio®