One Year From Now

One year from now do you expect to be; (a) stronger and more agile, (b) weaker and less agile or (c) the same as you are today?” Most people answer (a) or (c) to that question, however, research documents that from peak strength in early adulthood (about age 30), the average person loses approximately 1-1.5% of their strength per year .

That doesn’t sound like much until you do the math and realize losses of about 30% by age 60, 45% by age 70, and 60% by age 80.  Consider that losing half of one’s strength would be roughly the equivalent of going about daily tasks while carrying someone of equal weight on your back.   

What are you doing today and every day to ensure you’ll maintain or increase your strength?  If you are not strength training on a regular basis (at least 2x/week) or engaged in a physically challenging job or hobby, you will not be the same or better in a year. It’s time to get real about what you are actually doing on a regular basis to ensure you maintain an optimal level of function through your full lifespan.

If you answered (b)-expecting to decline, what is that expectation based upon; personal belief systems, media images, misconceptions, norms? Expectations profoundly impact outcomes so I encourage you to refer to Age Brilliantly blob posts, Aging Equals Decline Myth (June 8) and The Problem With Ageism (April 10).  Change your mind, change your life!!

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