The Power of Intention

How do you visualize your life at 90?  Last week I watched an Oprah show about a DVD that is "sweeping" the nation.  It is called The Secret and in essense offers testimony from a number of high profile financial wizards and motivational speakers (like Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) about the secret of success.   I was fascinated to learn that the fundamental principle they all identified was the power of intention, or what they called the Law of Attraction.  In short, whatever you focus your attention and energy on attracts more of the same.  If you focus on what you lack, what you are angry about or sad or resentful about, that is the energy you draw to yourself and what your life becomes about.   They go on to say that to change your life for the better you need to first become truly grateful for what you already have in your life and then focus on what you want your life to be like.  Consciously visualizing your best life attracts positive energy your way and allows you to make the conscious and sub-conscious decisions to move you in that direction.

The whole show really reinforced my belief that you have to form positive beliefs and intentions for healthy aging. Focusing on loss or perceiving that losses are a normal/unavoidable consequence of aging can have a powerful negative effect.  Creating positive intentions and visualizing a healthy, vibrant process of aging helps create both the conscious and sub-conscious environment to support that process.

For more information and a number of free downloadable resources from this group go to   I ordered the DVD and will look forward to sharing what I learned.

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