Aging and Wellness Expert

I googled this title and up came a host of websites on anti-aging. Everything from skincare to nutritional supplements. Two things strike me as odd about the list of "experts" that appear. One – rather than focusing on how to maximize vitality in all aspects of aging, there is a heavy focus on somehow "defying" or holding the outward signs of aging at bay. Two- having worked in the field of aging and wellness for the past 20 years I know most of the genuine experts in aging and wellness and none of them show up in the first few pages of the list!

We're all aware that the internet is a "searcher beware" environment but I want to encourage extra caution when searching for information about aging and wellness.  Some people are very good at creating credible looking websites and choose phrases based on what they think a "searcher" wants to here.  Make your first stop the biography section to learn the educational background and experience of individuals claiming to be experts. There are some great resources out there and some amazing new information about how lifestyles can dramatically impact the aging experience.  Notice, I said lifestyles, not products.  So that should be your first clue, when someone is touting a miracle product that will defy aging.  I appreciate you stopping by my blog and during the next couple of weeks I'll put links (from my blog and website at to other organizations and individuals with credible experience and expertise in aging and wellness. My goals is to help you find the motivation and quality resources necessary to build a plan for optimal aging.

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