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Personal Subscriptions: Vitality Portfolio® helps you support lifelong vitality in the same way you would support financial well-being - by making a plan, balancing (vitality) assets, making regular deposits, and measuring progress.

Created by internationally known healthy aging expert Kay Van Norman, Vitality Portfolio® provides a clear roadmap and practical stepping stones to healthy aging. Kay reveals core assets crucial to building lifelong vitality and weathering health challenges, identifies functional assets you must develop to remain independent, and uplifts whole person wellness assets known to support lifelong health.

Frankly, you can probably recite the basic elements of staying healthy: eat right, exercise, don’t smoke, etc; but do you know why it’s so hard to get and stay motivated? That’s where your Vitality Portfolio® membership really shines! Kay’s expertise and passion for removing unseen barriers to healthy aging and inspiring action makes Vitality Portfolio® unique: health messages that are personally relevant, simple wellness deposits with direct health impacts, reliable research translated into action, and “golden nuggets” that could literally change the course of your life.

          Did you know that up to 60% of adults over 65 who are hospitalized are discharged with  newly acquired functional deficit? And many never re-gain full function. It even has a name – Hospital Acquired Disability – yet few people know about it, and even fewer know what to do about it!

Don’t leave healthy aging to chance! Start your Vitality Portfolio Subscription today for just $9.95 per month, with no long-term commitments.

A word from Kay! I'm excited to put my 25+ years of healthy aging expertise to work for you!

I've trained thousands of senior wellness professionals, but my biggest joy comes from individuals who tell me I've changed their life!  After a speech on strength a woman approached with her walker, crying, and said, “Thank you so much. I didn’t think I could spend Christmas with my son’s family anymore because I can't make it up their stairs. Now I think maybe I can."  What a memorable moment!  Please let me know what sparks hope and action for you!

Updating and adding new features! Please check back for our re-launch. 

Individual Membership $9.95/month

  • New content monthly
  • Personal Vitality Portfolio® tool-kit
  • Aging it’s a Family Affair© resources (because no-one ages in a bubble)
  • Vitality worksheets
  • Vitality Spotlight™ on-line education
  • Movement Minute© exercise clips
  • Research updates
  • One free DVD download with paid subscription
  • Discount pricing on Brilliant Aging products


PROFESSIONALS - Build Customer Relationships

Brilliant Aging Content License  - to connect, engage and convert prospects   

Brilliant Aging content marketing solutions expand your brand through subject matter expertise, offer multiple opportunities to engage your prospects list, and energize your marketing events. We create and curate content-based marketing resources that maximize quality and offer a seamless pathway from first contact through conversion.  A Brilliant Aging License on-line resources include:

  • Vitality Spotlight™ video blogs and podcasts
  •  Movement Minute© exercises
  • Market-ready Webinars and Seminars
  • Guest appearances (via Skype) by Kay Van Norman for post seminar Q/A
  • Marketing Event Keynote Speeches

For as little $1595/year you can establish your company as a reliable source for quality healthy aging information, streamline your content marketing efforts, and amplify marketing event attendance.  

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