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About Kay Van Norman

I want to change negative perceptions about aging so people can age with vitality and purpose in body, mind and spirit. I’m committed to offering tools that reframe the aging experience and engage older adults as active partners in well-being. I’m also excited to offer companies unique opportunities to connect with senior consumers in a way that affects positive change, and also improves their bottom line.

Research proves that perceptions and expectations impact health beliefs, behaviors and outcomes. It’s called the Nocebo Effect* meaning will-do-harm. Currently, negative stereotypes of aging create a powerful Nocebo Effect on older adult health, even for Boomers who passionately resist being stereotyped.** Companies who help galvanize individual passion into collective action against ageism can connect with this market on a whole new level and dramatically impact the health of older adults.

I’ve been a health and wellness professional since 1980; as a dance and physical education instructor at Montana State University, Director of MSU’s Young at Heart exercise program for adults 50+, Director of the Keiser Institute on Aging, and now as an internationally known author, speaker and corporate consultant in wellness for adults. [View Kay’s Biography]

This broad range of experience provided both a unique perspective on healthy aging and a simple but profound revelation. Wonderful programs, equipment, instructors and settings do little to improve health. Improving health requires motivating people to change lifestyles, and to change lifestyles you must first confront one of the most destructive self-fulfilling prophecies in our culture – the myth that aging equals decline and poor health. My mission is two-fold: 1- to encourage individuals to make conscious choices about aging well in body, mind, and spirit, and 2-help companies support employee health, share health knowledge with consumers, support healthy communities, and become agents of positive social change. [View Corporate Services]

Visit the publications link for practical tools to help create a balanced life view Whole Person Wellness. Learn about behavior change research view Motivation, explore how ageism drives choices view On the Move, and learn why many adults completely avoid physical activity even when it’s been proven beneficial to health view Ageism as a Barrier. Read Creating Purpose-Driven Communities for a groundbreaking new model for senior living communities that put meaning and purpose first in people’s lives. Visit my blog for useful resources, strategies for reshaping your views of aging, and an ongoing dynamic dialogue. I invite you to make comments on articles, send me inspiring stories, and offer your own hard-won insights to the discussions.

Finally, visit the products link for award winning resources designed to reinforce the message that aging well through the full lifespan (regardless of challenges and circumstances) is a probability, not just a possibility. Watch for special opportunities created through health promotion partnerships with companies who want to help you create a lifestyle of wellbeing.

*Enck P, Benedetti F, Schedlowski M, New insights into the placebo and nocebo responses. Neuron. 2008 Jul 31;59(2):195-206.
**Levy BR, Myers LM. Preventive health behaviors influenced by self-perceptions of aging. Prev Med.2004 Sep;39(3):625-9.