Healthy Aging Conference

I just returned from Las Vegas where I spoke at the International Conference on Active Aging.  This organization consists of professionals in senior living, fitness, and social service agencies seeking to increase opportunities for healthy aging. Check them out at    Las Vegas is interesting to say the least, but bizarre.  While the rest of the world is trying to increase "walkability" of neighborhoods and towns, every effort to walk outside was met with sidewalks that wound around and led you right back into the casinos!! 

Information abounded about a marketplace shift in response to the baby boomers.  With any luck (since there is now a financial incentive) we will start to see some significant changes in the media’s approach to mature adults. 

I just became aware of a very interesting conference called Being Ageless: A conference on lifelong health, vitality and meaning.  It is facilitated by the Omega Institute and being held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from January 12-17, 2007.  There is a long list of speakers including internationally known Andrew Weil, Billie Jean King, and Maya Angelou. Check it out at

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  1. drew says:

    this is great. thanks for making aging seem like a beautiful healthy experience–something to embrace rather than reject!

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