A Little Extra Nudge

Sometimes we have the greatest intentions of starting to exercise regularly only to have day after day pass without following through.  I’m no stranger to that challenge but have found something that really helps me stay consistent.  Having an exercise buddy is a proven motivation strategy and the good news is that it can even be a long distance buddy.  I mentioned earlier that my friend Chris and I calculated the distance between where she and I live (600 miles) and decided to start walking towards each other while keeping track on the map. Knowing I have to report my progress to Chris really gives me a nudge. What I didn’t mention is that she is battling lung cancer and each time I’m tempted to put off the walking I consider the effort it costs Chris to do the same thing I can do so easily.  At that point none of my usual excuses sound remotely credible. Besides that, it has been just plain fun!  Touching base via email to say what town we’re in, commenting on what we are going to do while we’re "there".  It’s just a fun way to connect. 

What about you—is there someone you would like to re-connect with?  Recently, we have had 3 other people join our buddy program and now Chris told me about a great opportunity to join a "virtual" walking group in conjunction with the famous Alaskan Iditarod Dog Sled Race.  Check out  http://www.idita-walk.com  to see how a group in Nome, Alaska has created a way for anyone to be part of the fun between February 3rd and March 18th.  It might give you that little extra nudge you need to get moving.   Happy walking-see you in Nome!

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  1. carley says:

    Thanks for the tip! I did need the nudge.

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