Re-Branding Aging

For the past 10 years I've been a board member of ICAA (International Council on Active Aging), and for all of those years have been advocating for ICAA and other organizations to take on the issue of ageism. I'm happy to report that ICAA is currently launching an International Re-Branding Aging campaign! The timing is right (first Boomers turning 65) for the media to turn some attention to this issue and how it impacts health beliefs, behaviors and outcomes. There will be some exciting events attached to this campaign and I hope it will generate both the visibility and momentum necessary to change the way people think and talk about aging.

In conjunction with this campaign I've created a series of speaking topics to address how, specifically, organizations and individuals can reveal and then re-frame negative beliefs about aging. If ageism is a topic of interest for your organization/venue visit my website at for more information.

And as an individual, take this opportunity to examine your own beliefs and expectations about aging. Have you used the phrase, "I had a senior moment" lately? Have you decided you couldn't do something simply because of your age? Do you expect to be stronger and more agile one year from now than you are today – if so what are you doing on a regular basis to ensure that outcome? Are you, for example, strength training at least twice a week?

Check out the article titled, Woman in Motion, (under the Articles link on my website) to start examining some of your own beliefs and expectations about aging.  I'll keep you posted on the campaign, and I would love it if you would let me know when you see something in your area about this campaign.  

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  1. I had a senior moment” lately? Have you decided you couldn’t do something simply because of your age?

  2. I will recommend my friends to read this. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else

  3. Montanakay says:

    Thanks, Hope I can be helpful. Kay

  4. insanity dvd says:

    I cant wait to read much more from you. I just feel like you know so substantially and know how to make people listen to what you’ve got to say.

  5. Montanakay says:

    Thanks! Glad to have you on board. Kay

  6. Learning without thinking leads to confusion. Thinking without learning ends in danger.

  7. Spot on – I will certainly pass this on!

  8. Now adays a lot of herbal products in the market to helps in anti aging. But aside from that one of the ultimate thing that we must do is to conduct our own physical fitness. According to others the most causes of ageism is to much thinking and pressure about the work. Try to relax, smile always dont brought works problem in your home and i believe you can couter the earlt sign of ageism.

  9. Montanakay says:

    It really is about creating both a physical and emotional environement or culture of aging well. Do your habits support or diminish your chances of aging well. Glad to have you reading from the Phillipines! Kay
    Kay Van Norman, President
    Brilliant Aging
    Author of of book, Exercise Wellness for Older Adults (2010)

  10. When i read this blog, i feel touch. Thanks for sharing this post.

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