Healthy Aging – Motivating Lasting Change

At the beginning of a new year resolutions dominate the media – how to get more organized, how to set goals, and especially, how to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy meals.  I doubt there are many adults who really don’t know the formula for healthy living.  The problem is the gap between knowing and doing.  As you read the latest article on How to Get Fit in 10 minutes a Day, notice that the only true answer lies in simply taking action on a habitual basis.  It isn’t the big splashes you make at the beginning of a new year or a new diet that determine your outcome, it’s your habitual patterns. It’s what you do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to keep your body and mind functioning at an optimal level that will offer your best chance for aging with vitality.  One of the best resolutions you could make is to honestly take stock of an average “day in the life of”….. and ask yourself if your habits are supporting or diminishing your chances for aging with vitality and purpose through your full lifespan. 

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  1. marnie says:

    nice job Kay!This hits home, along with the investment in your future- full of healthy choices.

  2. great article…nice to read…

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