Purposeful Living

I just recently returned from North Hill Senior Living in Needham, Massachusetts (near Boston), and found they really walk the talk of being a “wellness community”.  They’ve been around since the 80’s and just recently went through a major remodel and re-boot around their PurposeFULL Living wellness philosophy.  It was terrific to see a community fully oriented around wellness, and leading the charge is their fearless leader, Kevin, who was willing to “swim upstream” for awhile because he believed in the vision and was committed to the transformation. And Paul, the marketing director does a great job of helping people understand North Hill and what it means to join a community of PurposeFULL living. 

North Hill is a beautiful community but physical environments are easy compared to creating an emotional environment of well-being and purpose – that’s where North Hill really shines.  Everyone I met, staff and residents alike demonstrated pride in the community. The fitness center, pool, wood-shop, creative arts center, etc.  are all impressive, but more impressive was seeing that staff and residents as well as their families can enjoy the pool together. And, while most fitness centers, arts centers, etc. are only accessible during designated hours, at North Hill they are open for whenever the mood strikes you!  Seems like a little thing but I assure you it isn’t.   I have long advocated that senior living leadership view each and every policy and procedure thru a viewfinder of resilience and community-  do they support or diminish the building blocks of resident and staff resilience?  Do they build or subvert feelings of connection and community? 

To truly build and sustain “community”, everyone must be treated with the same levels of dignity and respect – not just in words but in actions.  North Hill demonstrates the possibilities when everything comes together to create a community of mutual social support. Kudos North Hill!! 

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